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Full Version: PVR NextPVR help for skin developer
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Would any skin developers like a copy of pvr-nextpvr that would work in demo mode without having to do any backend setut to help in skin development?  I recently created a video https://youtu.be/vgQsRVOnl_4 showing how the PVR recording screen and playback screen vary widely in how they display Title, Episode Title, Season and Episode Number.   It varies so much that NextPVR used a substitution of the Title with "S##E## Episode Title" which I have to provide as an option but hardcoded faked labels are not helpful for creating great skins  The non-faked option would be applicable to all PVR addons.

This video is for Estuary, Confluence and Aura, but if anyone wants I can create a video with their skin.  About 3 minutes in I flip to the generic mode.