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Full Version: repository of kodi on arch linux is broken.
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I installed kodi on arch linux, by command 'pacman -S kodi'.
When I open kodi and select [Add-ons > Download > Install from repository], kodi says "Could not connect to repository".

the logs is like this:

There's one line that is very interesting:
ERROR: CRepository: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/addons/leia/addons.xml.gz index has wrong digest ca32c8357a083c925681be14
d5e33edd68f01eae9946737fb9679c7bcfcfce65, expected:�addons.xml��[wSDz0�������!ǖ�C.��!�B����r�-�%�45�����O؆�\

It seems kodi tried to compare some checksum with some file content, which is blocking getting the repository data.

how can this be fixed?
by the way, my kodi version is 18.1-2, up to date.
your issue looks very similar to the one reported here: