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Full Version: BUG? english episode naming althoug set to german
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I've noticed a problem with episode names. I've set tmm to prefer the german language and set the fallbackLanguage to english. My problematic tv show is "PAW Patrol" (others seems to be fine). My (multi episode) file is

  PAW Patrol - 1x01x02 - Die Katzastrophe - Die Zugrettung [480p x264 AAC 2ch].mp4

In tmm I find the tv show and I get a german info for that tv show. All episode names are only english. The episode list on thetvdb is available in english but also in german:


Why doesn't tmm get german titles for these episodes?

I'm running tmm 2.9.16

Wanna upload the logfile to some pastebin site?
Yes, here is the log file:


Thanks for looking!
Could you find anything in my log regarding to the problem?

Has this ever been solved? I have the same problem in 3.0.4.
sorry, but works here; tmm is just a middleware - we take what tvdb offers and pass it to the NFO.
if there are values inside tmm which are wrong it is probably a fault of the API