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Full Version: Possible tag acanning bug
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I was doing some routine music adding.  For mp3 files I have both ID3 and APE tags in the file with prioritiseapetag in advancedsettings.  My workflow is to initially fill the nominal ID3 tags and then copy them to APE using MP3tag.  Then I add the value added stuff (MBID, artists etc to the APE tags.

I made a mistake in tagging a file.  I had the artist as A feat. B (both ID3 and APE) and album artist A (both ID3 and APE) so in APE created artists A B but by mistake entered MBID for album artist as MBID-A MBID-B instead of for MBID artist (was empty).   After scanning I got a new artist named MBID-B.

scott s.