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Full Version: Can only use 1 AFTV at a time
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If you try to use this add-on to stream from the VBox on multiple Amazon Fire TVs at once you can only get a stable stream on one of the boxes.

If you try to play a stream on another AFT (at the same time) it stutters heavily and is unwatchable. This is if you try to watch the same channel or try to stream a second channel.

This only seems to happen when using this Kodi add-on on 2 Firetvs, for example I can use it on a Firetv and play a stream through Kodi on my phone simultaneously without any issues.

To compare I can use the official VBox app on both firetvs simultaneously with no problem, so it is quite a specific problem & hopefully easy to replicate.

This has been the case ever since I bought the VBox (about 18 months). This happens whether you are on WiFi or Ethernet.
Did anyone get to the bottom of this? I'm having the same issues when trying to use any 2 devices to view channels.

EDIT. I seem to have solved this by giving every Kodi instance a unique name in System -Settings-Services-Device name (the default is Kodi) and then rebooting the vbox. I've had up to 3 channels playing since then, accessed thro the add-on and connected to the vbox by upnp.
Posting this for anyone else suffering this problem. What caused it for me was that I had set up a folder on a networked drive for TV timeshifting. Both Kodi clients pointed to this folder. When 2 clients both tried to run their streams thro that single folder at the same time, I got exactly the problem described earlier. Turned of timeshifting in one of the add-ons and both clients would play.

Obvious really, but look how long it took me to work out.