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Full Version: Can't access web interface by using IP address (even on local), only using localhost
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Hi. I just installed Manjaro Linux i3 18 and Kodi Leia, and I am trying to set up the web interface so my friends can look at the catalog of my local collection through the internet. (I think the web interface is the easiest way to do this, please correct me if I am wrong).

I can now easily access the web interface by just going http://localhost:1588 (that's the port I chose) on the computer where I have Kodi installed. But I can't access through another computer by using the IP address, and not even on the same local computer, but using the IP address. If I try i just get a "connection timed out" message after a while.

Arch linux has all ports open, so this should not be the problem.

Any ideas?

I'm not familiar with arch. No firewall application enabled (e.g. ufw)?

What says netstat? Please try:
# sudo netstat -tuanpel |grep 1588

Does the relevant service run on or on ?