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Full Version: Having trouble scraping music video with theaudiodb and a .nfo file
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The file names are:
'Pink Floyd - The Wall - 05 - Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2.mkv'
'Pink Floyd - The Wall - 05 - Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2.nfo'

The .nfo file contains:

Some reason Kodi can't find it.

What am I missing?  I think all my other music videos have a similar single line .nfo file and they seem to be fine (for various degrees of fine).

Yes, I can replicate the issue.

For some reason Kodi does not like the https in the address. If you remove the s and leave it as http it works.

Might be a fix for @olympia

@docwra FYI

Hmm any ideas why the https causes an issue? All the scrapers were updated to https a while ago I think.
Yes, the musicvideo scraper has been left out by accident and was not moved to https. I just did it. Hopefully v1.3.4 will solve this issue.
Thanks Olympia!