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Full Version: X-Box One questions
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I don't have an X-Box One, which is why I'm asking these questions. Maybe someone has an answer for them.
- Can Kodi read media off of USB attached hard drives formatted as NTFS?
- Can you rip/transfer media to USB attached hard drives over the network?
- Is there a limit on how many hard drives that the X-Box one can detect simultaneously? I'm thinking X-Box one> USB Hub> Many hard drives. Is this possible?
Yes it will read media from a USB hard drive and you can transfer. But I think it doesn't read/write .nfo files from the xbox to and from the drive (permissions bug maybe..??).

To transfer media Kodi is separated from the local media on the Xbox One so you can only transfer to and from local storage from within Kodi using the file manager as Xbox file explorer does not detect Kodi's folder.

Extended Info an Skin Helper errors out on startup and hdr passthrough doesn't work, also if you ever restore the Xbox and decide to keep apps and settings everything on Kodi gets reset. Other than that works fine.