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Full Version: Fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 with Kodi 17.6 skin problem
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Corrupt SDD so did a fresh install of 18.04.
Kodi 17.6 installed OK but when I try to change skin to Confluence and exit it goes back to Estuary.
Missing something obvious maybe?
I guess we might need more infos here

Do you use additional profiles on your installation?
Why did you choose to use Kodi 17.6 and not Kodi 18.1? I guess you have installed Kodi from the Ubuntu repositories and not using the Kodi ppa. The problem is, that Kodi from the Ubuntu repos provide a version which is patched by Debian. So this kind of installation is somewhat unsupported in here.  If that's the case please read this how to install Kodi from the Kodi ppa: https://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Ko...tributions

In any way, we will for sure need a Debug Log
Yes its the Debian version.
Rebooted the NUC again after changing the settings in Confluence and this time it held.
If it happens again I will try 18.1
Thanks for the help.
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