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Full Version: Separate entries for same-titled films
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Sometimes a movie is remade (updated). Sometimes it's just a coincidence two movies share the same exact name. iTunes stores them in the same folder, and appends a number to the filename, but tinyMediaManager only lists one of them. For example, there are THREE movies in the same franchise with the same title: "Halloween". The original in 1978, the reboot in 2007, and 2018 conclusion which ignores all the films between 1979-2017. It would be nice if tMM could pull the years from the metadata to ensure each is listed correctly, and separately. I always run my movies through Subler (you can do this with protected movies purchased from iTunes or Amazon, or any others presumably), so I have the correct information in each movie's metadata. 

Otherwise, it's a great program. Wish creating export rules was easier, but so far it's good enough.
How are your files named?
Are they in separate directory?
No problems here having multiple versions....
iTunes puts them in the same folder, but adds a number after the name for any duplicates.
I guess you do not have hundrets of them?
So rename them to title+year manually.
Or scrape the correct movie manually.

We do not read such (itunes) metadata out of files, since there are so many formats and variants, we would never make it correct for everybody....
And every tool writes other tags.

On the other side, we could ask iTunes, what it really thinks about such naming pattern.... o_O