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Full Version: TVShow as Movie?
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So I have a root folder as my source for Movies, now some titles (short collection titles) won't scrape well so they require to be scraped with the TVDB scrapper, but that's exclusive to the TVShow section. So now I need to go to settings and explicitly load the source as a TVShow and scrape which is a bit of a burden, so is there a way to scrape selected titles regardless of section with a different scrapper (lilke TVDB)?
No, this handling is either black, or white.
TMDB and IMDB has a movie and TV sections, TVDB TV only...

So it depends on the used site where your entry can be found.
If IMDB sees this short series as idependent movies, you have to add them as movies. And vice versa.

There's no mixture possible...
And you should not try to load TV sources into moives... this will get you intro trouble for quite everything in TMM :|
Yes, it involves some fiddling, I'm just lost in this middleground because works in the style of Animatrix or the Oats Studios I wouldn't consider them as TVShows but Short "Movies".

What kind of troubles could this cause? I'm mainly scraping with Kodi 17.6 and filling the gaps with TMM RC3, scrape and clear. I would like to import my Kodi database so I can have a clear view of what's happening but not sure if this is possible at all.