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Full Version: Can't donate with Paypal
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Hi, when I try to donate and connect to Paypal I get a "Fatal Failure". The site where I'm redirected to at once is https://www.paypal.com/auth/validatecaptcha from where I'm redirected to the Error site. Why don't you accept credit card? I would prefer it.
More payment types is definitely something we're working on.

I tested this page and was able to donate, and paypal loaded. Do you have any adblock/pihole/etc that could be interfering? 

The other thing too is you can just use paypal and directly donate, the address is [email protected]xbmc.org.

Be sure to put in the comments your username (or respond back to this post) so if you donate over $50 we can change your title.
I've tried again with no changes and it worked as it should. Thanks anyway.

And thanks for KODI!