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Full Version: Can scrapers execute script for each file or maybe virtual file system ?
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I looked thru internet/wiki, I would like to true a small script (can be kodi script or external one) for each file so I can 100% match them, is there a way ?
You ask why: Because most names of files are `Episode 1` or `ep 1 - name of episode` and by querying small api before before scrapping files I can make it 100% match (with crc function).

The best way would be run crc on scrapping each file, pass the crc value into `<CreateSearchUrl>` and that would make scrapper 100% hit the match.

The other method if first is not available I have in mind is making somekind of layered?/virtual file system/seperate folder that I could store xml that script executed from inside kodi would make - script would query each file, create xml for that file - but I can't store those files where the data is.
Can I store xml files for example with same folder structure but on different drive? so if I scan: Z:/video/Title/Episode1.avi the scraper would check Y:/video/Title/Episode1.xml file ?
Dear someone like me, there is a Python Scraper that was added to kodi18, its not documented - but there are few demos in official repo.
Hope you have time with it.