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Full Version: [ARTWORK PACK] Characterart PNG's for Movies/Moviesets
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Hey! It's great Kodi Fans trying out my mini projects.

Yes you have to implement it yourself in the skin. xml
No, there is no database for it.

This Artwork Pack in this thread are more some examples to try it out, than a real collection (or database)
(2019-03-27, 15:04)chrissix666 Wrote: [ -> ]Everyone who have ever played around with .xml a bit will know how to implement.
For all the others i will write a little tutorial how to implement it with single image and multiimage on the followoing 2 posts if interest.
hi did you ever made a tutorial for the single image implementation? I want to try to make it work with Aeon Slivo my fav skin
maybe you can help with just some lines of code and where to put them the same way you did with character poster add onĀ 

Hi, do you have more Grinch images please? (In special Cindi Lou). Thanks
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