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Full Version: Movie Set poster hit or miss and problem with "source"
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I have started using TinyMediaManager to scrape and create NFO files for my movies and TV shows but have run into some issues that I'm not quite sure how to figure out (currently using Artic Zephyr 2 skin):

1.  On my Movie Sets, I have the poster and fanart I want but when the files are added to Kodi, it scrapes the movies as a set, but the poster is either blank or one of the posters from a movie within the set.  But I noticed on a couple of Movie Sets, the poster I selected in TMM shows up!??
2.  I have set the source of my movies in TMM (UHD Bluray, Bluray, DVD, etc), but when the files are added to Kodi, they show as "WebDL"??  Have no idea why this is happening.  Is Kodi not recognizing the "source" in the NFO file?  Or do I have to physically label EACH file as Bluray, DVD, etc to get this to workHuh
3.  Last one is more of a question for TMM.  Is there a way to "nest" movie sets?  For example, have a movie set labeled "Universal Monsters Collection", and within that collection have several sets like "Dracula Collection", "The Mummy Collection", etc?

Thanks for any help you can provide