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Full Version: [Feature request] Compress actor image option
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The actor image sometimes is a big size, total per film is usually more than 70 MB. While the movie size is 1-2 GB, so it is about 5-10% of film size (m-HD).
Usually, the actor image is only for thumb display and not really important about image quality. I suggest we could have an option to auto compress the actor image after download to save disk space.
Furthermore, could have an option on how image quality compress ratio for example.
there has been an issue with the IMDB scraper, where IMDB offered _huge_ actor images. This has already been solved a while ago.
We do not re-encode the artwork we fetch (except the re-scaled extrathumbs and our internally image cache) - I will not add code to mess around with images too, since we are only here to manage them - not manipulate them!
Oh, you are right. I checked the latest folder and it is just a few MB. So sure, don't need this feature as a bug from the scraper.

Now maybe I have to write some script to detect the bad one and fix it  Sad
if you did not alter actor data by hand, you could re-scrape all movies only ticking the actors flag..
this should re-download all files (but I suppose in v2 we don't overwrite existing ones -> you might delete all .actors before)
Thanks. I search base on condition that actors folder is bigger than x MB and delete it. Then grab info for it again.