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Full Version: The $VAR[..] variable as the "fallback" parameter in the image control.
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Can I put the variable "$VAR [...]" into a fallback for image control?
Working code:
<texture background="true" fallback="flags/stars/flat/0.0.png">graf.png</texture>
If I create the variable $VAR[ZZZZ]=flags/stars/flat/ (this is the description no code) then this code does not work for me.
<texture background="true" fallback ="$VAR[ZZZZ,,0.0.png]">graf.png</texture>
The variable is correctly defined and the graphic in the path exists.

Is Kodi able to work with variables in the fallback parameter controls?
No, just use them for the actual image itself.
(2019-04-01, 15:45)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]No, just use them for the actual image itself.
Thanks for your help.