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Full Version: Kodi - video freeze and sound continue for a few seconds ..
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Hi !
I have a problem sometimes when I play videos on kodi with my desktop.
For start :  Kodi 18.0 RC5 on Xubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
hardware : CPU intel i3 4160 (3.6ghz), 8gb ram, ssd 120gb (for linux), hdd for data ..

Kodi is installed with ppa.

If I remeber right, The problem started from version 18 nighlty, which I installed to use the addons for netflix and amazon prime.
I don't remember if the freezes were there on the v17.
I thought the problem would be solved by passing to the stable version 18... but no, still as many freezes.
It happens at any time, at the beginning of the reading, in the middle, at the end... for me it's completely random.
Whatever the type of video, 720p, 1080p, h264/265, netflix, amazon, go-pro video etc...
When the image freezes, the sound continues for a few seconds and then it's over, everything is blocked, the keyboard no longer responds, his mouse either, impossible to leave the application, I'm forced to turn off the computer by force...
It can happen only once in 3 hours and other times it happens 2 or 3 times in 1 hour..

I join you the end of the log, it always ends this way when it freezes...
araquzuqor.kodi (paste)

could be a buffer problem ? ..
I used to use "easy advanced settings" before, but not anymore, and whatever the setting it doesn't change anything...

Thank you in advance for your help !  Smile

(and sorry in advance for my bad english .. )
Please post a correct Debug Log - the snippet you chose is not usable for tracking such issues.
I experienced this with amazon prime yesterday, but put it down to amazon changes and didn't investigate.