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Full Version: PVR plugin start dreambox automatically
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I setup two Kodis in my homenetwork with the enigma2 pvr client connected to my dm800se. Everything is working stable so far, no problems. After a few hours "something" wakes up my dreambox from standby and I don't know what it is. It did not start when I initially set it up, it does not start when switch channels or something.

Does the EPG query wake it up? If yes how can I prevent it from doing so?

Thanks in advance
I found a very old timer that was popping up in kodi and I deleted it from my dreambox - maybe this was the cause, I will observe it.
This was not the case. Does anyone have a suggestion for me?
Try changing the epg update interval in kodi pvr settings.

If the wake up timing matches the call then it could be the cause.