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Full Version: Bluetooth controller not recognised
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Hi, read quite a few posts about using gamepads with kodi but I am still having trouble with mine.
I have a Moga pro Bluetooth joypad, it is paired correctly with a USB Bluetooth dongle attached to my vu+ duo2 running kodi 17.6 (enigma2 Linux)
Have tried installing this plugin but it cannot be found: kodi-peripheral-joystick
It may just be that it's not in the repo, but I cannot upgrade to leia as this would require compiling it myself.
Kodi cannot see the joypad and it doesn't respond in the key mapper until.

Any ideas of what I might try to get it working?
(2019-04-03, 23:55)resetter Wrote: [ -> ]my vu+ duo2 running kodi 17.6 (enigma2 Linux)

Refer to enigma forums for support.
Your platform is not oficially supported by kodi devs.
The people who produce (or fail to) the binaries for your os are the ones who have to build and provide necessary binary addons such as peripheral-joystick.
Do you reckon this module (lack of) is the problem?
(2019-04-04, 01:09)resetter Wrote: [ -> ]Do you reckon this module (lack of) is the problem?

Do you reckon that binary modules should be provided by the distro?