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Full Version: Why do I loose info when scanning for new albums?
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I have one CD which is not properly added to any of the Kodi built-in services, so I just placed a self-made album cover scan to the correct location.

A second disc in my library is known by the "Universal Album Scraper" addon.

If I now go to "Media" -> "Libary" -> "Music" and then right-click to my music directory and select "Scan Item to libary", then the cover art of the album, known to "Universal Album Scraper" is lost.

If I go to the album, right-click it. Click "Information" and then "Refresh", then the album art is visible again.

What do I have to do that this "Refresh" happens automatically? I don't want to do this for every album manually...
That sounds strange. Local artwork should have priority.

Can you provide a screenshot of your settings page as shown in this image... https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Media/Music#Library