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Full Version: No video source and wrong language
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Hello everybody,
I have only been a user of this program for a few days, which is why I still have a lot of questions Wink But everything in turn, let's start with the most important ones for me:

First of all I would like to know, according to which criteria TMM v2.9.16 reads out the video sources (eg Bluray, webrip etc.)? Currently my folders and movies are named: "Aquaman {3D} [2018] [HD] BD LD AC3"
So how do I do it, the TMM then reads out and displays the correct video source?

Furthermore, I still have the question, why TMM shows me as language in the detail view always only English, although I have no films in English? What and where do I have to adjust / change because then the right language (in my case German) get displayed? Is not so tragic now, as I have only German films in general, but still I'm interested Smile

I am grateful for any hint / hint / suggestion!
With sincere regards
video sources are parsed out of the file name - there are some strings/tokens which can be identified by our logic; BD itself is not enough to be recognized as blu ray (bluray|blueray|bdrip|brrip|dbrip|bd25|bd50|bdmv|blu-ray are valid tokens)
about the language: without detailed information I cannot say why EN is being detected.. probably libmediainfo gets EN somewhere out of your video files; you could try to download the tool mediainfo and let it parse your video file and upload the text export to https://paste.kodi.tv/
Thank you for the info regarding the filenames. Then I have to rename all my files: (but ok, that's at least a hint.

As desired, I grabbed the tool Mediainfo and once created a file, which I have uploaded at the following link.
I hope that is so correct.
epuyebajoz (paste)
With sincere regards
Well, in the details view you see the "spoken language" filed, which might be scraped by some scraper (or entered manually).
This is NOT the audio language (which is correctly detected as DE)... although i can't remember, for what the former is good for. Needs some investigation Smile
ok thanks for the effort first Smile
With sincere regards