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Full Version: Movie set images saved in the movie folders?
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I added a single movie file to the folder "Movies" (containing the folders with movies, each movie has a folder). TMM scraped / renamed it, created an own folder for the movie and it created
(according to the option checked
a movieset-poster.jpg in the folder "Movies".

It seems as if TMM stroes those movie set files in another folder generally with other movies / movie sets. Is there an option to not to store these images in the "Movies" folder but somewhere else?
we store movie set artwork in each movie which belongs to the movie set, since the artwork folder for movie sets is optional and having a dedicated movie set folder is also optional!
that is just to not lose movie set artwork Wink
TMM created this folder: Die Brady Family (1995) in /Movies/. And it saved the movie and its images, the info in it. But the movie set image it saved here: /Movies/. How could I make TMM save the movie set image of this movie here: Die Brady Family (1995)?