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Full Version: Kodi Application icon does not show in Applications Folder
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Hi everyone,
I have been using Kodi (first Kyripton then Leia) for a while in my Android TV Box (Android ver 7.1.2).
Yesterday, my 3,5-year old daughter magically erased the App icon from the Main Screen.
I have tried to restore it but there was no Kodi icon in the Apps Folder either.
I can see that Kodi is still installed in the TVBox by using Settings-Apps Menu and can open it from there.
I have tried to uninstall and remove Kodi from TVBox and reinstalling it, but the App icon does not show in the Apps Folder.

Can anyone help me to restore the App icon?

I believe most of you will suggest Factory Defaults Reset, but since I have lots of videos saved on this hardware, the Factory Defaults Reset would be the LAST RESORT.

Your kind help on this annoying matter will highly be appreciated.