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Full Version: Kodi closes unexpectedly
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I have a AV system consisting of a Windows 10 HTPC, a HDMI splitter and a Marantz SR7012 AVR. Everything is controlled by a highly scripted Harmony remote. I have disabled the power down function of the HTPC so the the HTPC always remains powered up.

The problem is that sometimes when I power down the system and then later power it backup, Kodi has closed and needs to be reopened. I installed Kodi via the Windows Store so there does not appear to be a shortcut to the Kodi program that I can link to the Harmony remote.

The HDMI splitter is also always poered on so that Windows always sees a monitor connected to it even when the AVR is powered down.

The problem is that my wife can barely run the system even with the Harmony remote. So if the system comes up without Kodi running she gets very frustrated. Does any have any suggestions? (other then getting rid of my wife)?