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Full Version: Design flaws in Whitelist screen
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I have recently upgraded to Kodi 18, and I use the Estuary skin. There are two fundamental problems with the design of the whitelist screen in display options that I'd like to flag, and hopefully these issues can be fixed.

1. the GUI fails the basic design principle of being consistent across screens (i.e. if toggle buttons are on one screen, then they are on all screens). On entering the whitelist page it is not at all clear what the user is supposed to do, there are no GUI elements to prompt action.

2. the GUI also fails the basic design principle that you *never* design GUI elements in a way that could fail for users with variations of colour blindness. I'm told that on clicking an entry in the whitelist, it turns to some shade of green. I have problems with some shades of green and cannot tell when I have changed the status of an entry.

Overall I really like Estuary, but the whitelist page is a mess. Sorry to be blunt on my first post in this forum, but hopefully this can be fixed at some point. It's a same this page lets down what is otherwise a very good skin.