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Full Version: Streaming Video inside Archives not working since Release 18?
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Hello Everyone

Since almost 2 Years now i am using on my Windows 10 System an old Nightly Build of Kodi 18, because with every newer build i had some issues.

Now since Kodi 18 came out, i again gave it a try, and it seemed to work fine, until i tried to stream Videos inside RAR Archives.
While watching the files local on the PC is working, watching with Kodi on FireTV 4K Stick or from my Samsung SmartTV is not working anymore.

With the old Nightly build i still using, there is no such issue. Streaming Video Files inside Archives is working fine.

I already have the latest VFS Addons like "RAR Archive Support 2.0.7" and "Archive Support 1.0.5"

I also downloaded some Portable Kodi 17.6 and 18, because i thought maybe my Installation is messed up.
But the Portable Kodi 18 had the same problem, while the Portable Kodi 17.6 does not.

Of course i already searched in google and here on the Forums, but did not find any solution.

Is there any addon i missed to install?

Thx in advance
Goto the kodi repository on kodi and there is a rar archive addon to install that will allow you to watch videos from a rar file. I can't remember which section of the repository it is in, I think it's called 'VFS' 'file system'.

Just noticed you have done that, make sure they are enabled and then restart kodi.
Well, as i wrote, there is no problem playing the RAR Files directly on the PC. Problem is just when streaming them so other Client, while this was no Problem with Kodi 17