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Full Version: [END HAS COME for] KyraDB.com - A free site for animated gifs and more (with API)
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(2021-01-04, 15:42)rschiks Wrote: [ -> ]
(2021-01-03, 02:25)Wanilton Wrote: [ -> ]@rschiks 

Hostgator is a Brazilian company, headquartered in the city where I live. 

I host the Brazilian forum with them (VPS plan), my tip is to use the link below to see other plans, you may be able to make it viable since the most affordable plan is around +-  $ 430.00 for 3 years of hosting.


R$ 5.19 reais = $ 1 american dollar.

The basic plan cust R$ 2.222,82 = $ 428.28 for 3 year with 3 core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 160 GB HD SSD


The value is for payment in one single time.

I think you need a little bit more space. It was already a lot of space when I hosted it.

I actually typed up a reply a few days back, but then I got interrupted and proceeded to work an 80 hour work week, here's more or less what I was going to say then.

What I said above was more complex than it had to be.  You can actually do this without installing IPFS on every system, but there's room for those who do.  IPFS can be accessed using a gateway without installing IPFS and gateways abound.  Anyone who runs IPFS can become a gateway with minimal work and anything in IPFS can be pulled out of a gateway as though it were a normal webpage.  Using gateways makes this absolutely no more complex to the normal end user than using a traditional HTTP server - in short Kodi is already completely compatible with this method, it's just a URL.

My IT industry career goes back to 1996, but straight up programming is one of my weak points.  That being said I'm not useless in that department and I think I can setup a good proof of concept scraper, maybe even a working plugin.  In the plugin I think a drop-down list of IPFS servers, possibly a randomized list, and the option to select localhost would be a good idea in case you do want to run your own.  In the case of you not running your own the images are downloaded and cached exactly like they are with any other scraper.  In the case of running your own I think it would be great to just "pin" the results for the reasons I stated before, instead of a normal filesystem path in the system pointing to the image an IPFS path could then be referenced.  It would still pull from the local system, but it would also be mirrored out to the world assisting in the hosting.  Again, this part is completely optional.

If I were able to get this working I would hand it off as quickly as I could - as I said, I'm not a programmer, if I get it to work someone else can certainly do it better.
EDIT: Gave up, too much bandwidth sorry
Zappiti stolen the animated backgrounds?
Is a backup of the animated backgrounds available somewhere?
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