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Full Version: [END HAS COME for] KyraDB.com - A free site for animated gifs and more (with API)
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The API calls for animated posters and animated backgrounds now return a language value.
If a poster/background is textless it returns "unknown" as language.

An example:

    "base_url_actor_art" = "https://www.kyradb.com/actors/original";
    "base_url_backgrounds" = "https://www.kyradb.com/backgrounds/original";
    "base_url_character_art" = "https://www.kyradb.com/characters/original";
    "base_url_character_posters" = "https://www.kyradb.com/posters/original";
    "base_url_logos" = "https://www.kyradb.com/logos/original";
    "base_url_posters" = "https://www.kyradb.com/posters/w342";
    error = 0;
    message = successful;
    "number_of_backgrounds" = 0;
    "number_of_posters" = 2;
    backgrounds =  (
    posters =  (
            "date_added" = "2019-07-15 19:19:49";
            height = 713;
            language = english;
            name = "4562706992ccc2c8e22e7b903802af049a87f6d9a61ab6407ef9ccd0a44bbfd11.gif";
            resolution = "500 x 713";
            width = 500;
            "date_added" = "2019-07-15 19:20:58";
            height = 713;
            language = unknown;
            name = "546276abb5bb9e69ee09d6503878bb0fd70a999de4bad2b5c1370b9fbdd88bb01.gif";
            resolution = "500 x 713";
            width = 500;
    timezone = GMT;
    "timezone_str" = "Europe/London";

I still need to go through all the animated posters, but shouldn't take that long.
All animated posters and backgrounds have now a proper language tag returned by the API. If you still find one that has an incorrect one, please notify me!
A big Thank You to @"chrissix" for being the first moderator of KyraDB. He's going to upload the character posters for lots and lots of movies to the database!!!


Check out his thread https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=345299 for more info.
Already more than 240 character posters (thanks to @"chrissix"). There are definitely some nice ones!!!

(2019-07-31, 16:44)rschiks Wrote: [ -> ]Already more than 240 character posters (thanks to @chrissix). There are definitely some nice ones!!!
If the character poster sort order is not predefined than in this example, then it's the TMDB cast sort order. TMDB cast sort order also equal in your Kodi skins/views.
TMDB mods have in most cases choosen a very good cast sort order in character importance/screen time/actor prominence.
This is very nice for people who wan't to run the character poster sets sideshow in integer mode, look @rschiks screenshot character poster sort order above the one below from my kodi:
The 1000 mark for character posters has been reached.......thanks to @chrissix
(2019-08-05, 23:02)rschiks Wrote: [ -> ]The 1000 mark for character posters has been reached.......thanks to @chrissix
169 Character Poster Set Collections on 106 Movies currently feed in the KyraDB, still a lot to do!  Nod
One special really nice Character Poster Set is the Inception (2010) one.
It's the first and only Character Poster Set so far where i have to downscale resolution (3000 pixel high) cause the artist company published the original photoshop templates on github (with 10000 pixel high, over 20mb each poster  Rofl )
Also nice: In this movie every KyraDB special Artwork Type is filled with nice content (animatedposter.gif, animatedkeyart.gif, animatedfanart.gif, characterart.png, and also a nice Character Poster Set)
I have started on the voting system for the images.


When pressing the thumb up button it will be registered as a like for that particular image. It will also be registered for the user (thumb image changes to orange), so it means you can't vote twice.

Of course I still need to do this for the other art types and return the number of likes by the API.
As @chrissix mentioned, it would make much more sense to vote for a complete character poster set than individual images. The images have a fixed order.

The screenshot in the post above is not correct.
But for the animated posters, background, character art and logos it’s like in the screenshot above.

My bad!
1500 character posters and counting.......thanks to @chrissix
Added new actresses (done to post #611 - https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2877316)
Today I have been busy with implementing the voting system for all image types.

Next step is adding the info to the API, some testing and putting it live.

Here are some screenshots:


All the testing of the API with the new likes, languages and returning the collection of character posters with the highest votes as default is now done Rofl .

Tomorrow I will test everything one more time and upload it to the live environment. And of course I will test it in the live environment as well  Nod
The voting system just went live!

Let the voting begin  Nod

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