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Full Version: Re: Wrong Channel Order - v3.23.0
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Just upgraded to v3.23.0 and my channel order for 'All Channels' have gone crazy and completely in the wrong order. Other bouquets seem to be ordered correctly, but channels are not numbered sequentially as they were prior to the upgrade. I normally use the setting 'Use channel order from backend' and not 'Use channel numbers from backend'. Tried disabling/enabling these options and clearing cache, but still getting the same result.
Also, I'm not seeing the Genre options in the E2 addon. Has that feature been removed?
If you want the old behaviour then disable use channel order from backend, restart kodi/the addon and clear the cache.

This feature did nothing before but it was added in v23. When it’s enabled the first occurrence of each channel will take that backend channel number. So if you have a master bouquet, just make sure that is first.
Ok, I'll try again tomorrow.
Pretty sure I've done this already, but happy to give it another go.
Went back to previous version and got that working again, then disabled use channel order from backend before upgrading to v3.23.0.
Cleared the cache and everything is now in order again. Not sure why it didn't work when I originally upgraded. Maybe I disabled the channel order after I had upgraded....dunno. But everything is sweet again now!  Smile

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