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Full Version: Kodi freezing on Mibox 4k
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Cenary: Kodi 18 under Mibox Android TV. I've been using a Google Drive account to store my videos. I've installed a add-on to connect with my Google account. Ok, that's work fine.

When I start watching some videos, the video freeze. Then, after a seconds, the message "slow source" appears and the video returns for a moment before freeze again.

I have a connection with 300mbps.

To test, I installed kodi in my laptop, made all the same configurations, and start a movie: my video don't freeze. Videos 4k remux don't stop in any moment.

When I go back to my mibox android TV, the video freeze (same source, same internet connection, same wifi).

I've already reset my mibox to factory parameters twice, I've reinstalled Kodi, removed the hardware acceleration of the video, but nothing worked = (

I do not know what else to do. On the laptop, the videos do not freeze. In the mibox, they freeze. Do you have any other ideas of what I can do?

Here is the link to my log: zihibelame (paste) 

Can anybody help me?