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Full Version: Is there a functioning web browser launcher add-on for Linux?
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I often find myself wanting to watch Netflix or ABC iView (Australian) or any other number of streaming sites on via my media box (Mac Mini running Ubuntu 18.04.1, with Kodi 18.2 running as a standalone session). It would be nice to do this directly from Kodi so I don't have to log out of my Kodi session, log in as a different user, launch Firefox and browse to the site.

I've tried the seperate add-ons for Netflix, iView, etc. but the two problems I encounter are (a) these addons are usually weeks to years behind the current API or scraping structure of the sites, and (b) there aren't necessarily add-ons for less well-known streaming services. Ultimately the most reliable way to use a web-based streaming service is via a web browser.

So I tried to use a web browser add-on. First I read about Chrome Launcher, but all the posts and documentation I found for that said that it has to be added via Super Repo, which seems a bit dodgy and doesn't have a Leia section anyway. Second I saw there's a fork of Program Advanced Launcher, which I installed via zip. It launches Firefox, hooray! But it opens to cover a fraction of the screen. There's no command line argument to make Firefox open full screen (according to their docs/forums), and I can't open the menu (it flickers open and disappears) to install any add-on to do it.

Am I on the wrong path here? How do I get a full-screen browser going in Kodi? If I can't, is there a desktop environment anyone knows about that has a similar interface to Kodi, ie. one you can comfortably see from a metre or two away and scroll through for shortcuts (like browser bookmarks)?
A web browser inside Kodi is a one of the long-lost wishes. There is a focus on implementing one into Kodi, but it's still very much a work-in-progress.

Have patience, grasshopper. Smile

PS: I wouldn't want to mention things like Super Repo on this forum anymore. Such 3rd party add-ons are on our banned list and therefore ''off limits" as per our forum rules (wiki), which you accepted during the forum registration.
(2019-05-05, 05:51)Klojum Wrote: [ -> ]A web browser inside Kodi is a one of the long-lost wishes. There is a focus on implementing one into Kodi, but it's still very much a work-in-progress.
Ah yes, I saw a few discussions around that after I posted this. It's a hard thing to search for: I just get tonnes of threads about emulator browsers, web interface stuff, and old threads from 2012.

Re. That Other Repo, I didn't want to openly insult something that might have been a well-regarded labour of love amongst Kodi users (I mean, I kind of did, but that was the soft version). Now I know.

I think one of the problems here is that Kodi *can* be run as a desktop environment, but isn't really one designed for launching arbitrary apps etc. Perhaps I need to look for something to be deployed in parallel with Kodi, like a super accessible DE. Which is off topic for this forum.