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Full Version: Playtime Problems
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Hi Ronie,
I'm on 18.2 with newest transparency skin. I have the following Problem: Playing a *.dtshd music file with PaPlayer
the time and the progressbar in the musicosd flickers with little steps forward and backward. The Endtime at the right side is shown ok.
Playing the same file in Videoplayer all is ok. I changed the skin to standard and there is no issue with PaPlayer.
Do you need something to look at this, please tell me. Excuse my english.
not sure i can be much of a help here..
i've tried it with a test .dtshd file and everything behaves normally at my end.
also i can't think of a reason how a skin could have any influence on the play time...
Should be related to: 16022 (GH issue)

Fix is: 16027 (PR)

Will be available in Kodi 18.3 or if you compile from master Wink