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Full Version: Version 0.7.1 Released
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10/08/2019 - 0.7.1
[CODED] Allow music to start fullscreen
[FIXED] Main menu widget navigation
[CODED] Custom user color option
[CODED] Allow user to stop video on back

08/05/2019 - 0.7.0
[CODED] Initial Leia Release
Previous Updates:

30/03/2017 - 0.6.3
[CODED] Font Weight Choices Added
[FIXED] Hide View Button in PVR if One View Available
[CODED] Skin Background Options
[UPDATED] Widgets - Submenu as Widget Option Needs to be Re-Configured
[FIXED] CU-LRCLyrics - Multiple Aspect Ratio Support
[CODED] Weather Widget

12/03/2017 - 0.6.2
[CODED] Multiple Resolution Support
[FIXED] Party Mode for Music
[FIXED] RSS Editor Window
[CODED] Dynamic Lenght Breadcrumbs
[FIXED] Language Folder Names
[CODED] Submenu as Widget Option

24/02/2017 - 0.6.1
[FIXED] Several String Issues
[CODED] Artist Slideshow Integration
[CODED] Player Process Info Dialog
[CODED] Video Codec Information on Playback
[FIXED] Windowed Trailer Mouse Control

Version 0.7.1 will allow users to pick custom colors for the skin. This includes opacity settings to enable transparency. Thanks @RisingDesign for the inspiration!

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