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Full Version: Running Kodi 18.2 with VBox Gateway and VBox PVR does not allow recording?
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I am confused (usual state of affairs).

The PVR description says it supports all the usual stuff - watching, recording, time shifting and External xml EPG.

I can watch and have installed the EPG but cannot find any way to record or time shift .  If I try to add a timer it tells me that the PVR backend does not support recording but I am sure I could do recording with earlier version of Kodi and the PVR by right clicking on the guide and selecting record.  Or am I imagining it?

Am I missing something or is recording and time shift rea notlly support by this PVR?

(2019-05-10, 12:42)GeoffatMM Wrote: [ -> ] 
Hi we test KODI official LEIA 18
recording by time set or with EPG is working fine
Thanks for the response and sorry about delay in getting back but I reinstalled and got it to work.