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Full Version: Move Music OSD 17.1
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I prefer large album art and was able to increase the size of the art in MusicVisualation.xml, but now I want to move the OSD to the left and fill across the screen.  I've unsuccessfully played with some of the alignment but can't figure it out.  Also I would like to remove the rating box and add the bitrate and number of channels. Any help would be appreciated.

I see that you already removed that part:


to remove the cover which was presented left from the part you now want to move

By moviing the rest to the left change:

That line:

to:  <left>50</left>

That will move the section marked in green to the left

Now you need to take care about the progress bar...

Change that line:


to: <left>50</left> as well

now the progress bar is also on the left and has the same alignment as the section above. But it doesn't fit the width of the screen anymore. To fix that play with the value from that line:


and that:


I changed line 205 to: <width>920</width>

and line 210 to: <left>1020</left>

To remove the rating simply drop that section:


and if you want to remove the codec info:


The result on my side looks like this, but I didn't had the coded info shown at all. That might be due to bad tagging on my side:

It could be that the player controls also might not match anymore. Then you need to take a look at the "MusicOSD.xml" file
From the first post it's not clear if the potential to use artist fanart is wanted? and if you want only the Album cover to show with no fanart?

From the look of your first post it looks to me you altered the placement of the existing thumb image control, if fanart is not required then I'd removed that image control block and subsitute the thumb in the fanart block. So my alternative to what davu suggests is


This gives


Then as davu says the MusicOSD.xml needs to be adjusted for menu controls such as:


This gives


If you want cover to be above OSD info as shown in first post alter the image to a small height for example


This gives


Just change the height to suit.

You can also scale image so it has full width for example