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Full Version: Artwork Beef - interpreter information for music on NAS
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I have a little problem with the artwork beef and an extra directory for the artist info.
I have outsourced the interpreter info on my NAS to be able to access it from all devices (WindowsPC and two Nvidia Shield).
As soon as I run Artwork (for my music), I get a lot of error messages of the kind in LOG

2019-05-15 15: 54: 53.495 T: 19168 ERROR: XFILE :: CDirectory :: GetDirectory - Error getting smb: // USERNAME: PASSWORD @ Nas / artistinformation / Lonnie Donegan /

This happens both on the Windows PC and on the shields
USERNAME: PASSWORD is also output in the log, although I have set the login correctly under File Manager and also a rudimentary filling occurs as soon as I display the individual albums via music, so the filling is done via Artist Slideshow.

A search has not yielded anything suitable for me, although I have already tried quite a bit (eg IP address instead of name of the NAS) etc.
Maybe someone else has a tip for me, what could I try?

Many thanks in advance

Information that may be needed:
Kodi 18.2 currently
NAS integration via network
PC: Windows 10/1809
Shields: current Android Pie