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Full Version: Help with setup of web interface needed
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Hi everyone,

I am new to Kodi, migrating from MediaPortal.
I have multiple devices in my home, all media is stored on a Windows Server 2016 machine.

I have centralized the database with advancedsettings.xml ans MySQL to reside on my server.

Now I would like to have web access to my media from any web browser, but of course I would prefer not to have kodi running on my server, just the web interface.
Is there any possibility for that? I used to use MPExtended and WebMediaPortal before, but it is no longer being developed and nearly out of function.

Only other solution I could think of is to install it on my Raspi (which is also normally only a pure Teamspeak Server without monitor connection)

I have tried to find information on how to achieve this, but to be honest I was not successful. Could anyone give me a hint?