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Full Version: Scraper does not write duration to episode.details.c09
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is it intentional that after scraping with thetvdb the duration is not set in episode.c09? I need this value to.determine the duration for dlna streaming via Yatse.

No, it is not set.

TheTVDB does not have the episode duration.
Okay, understood. But in that case it would be helpful to set the streamdetails. Is there a way, to trigger the setting of this table?
It should be set when the videos are scanned/scraped into the library. If not, playing for a couple of seconds should set it.
Unfortunately it s not. I can produce some logs tonight. Are there any specific loglevels to set?
First check which version Kodi you are using as it is probably related to this... 15589 (PR)

If you update to v18.2, then it should work again.

Log Level 2 is required.