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Full Version: Windows may 2019 update kodi lost configuration
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I got working kodi 18.2 auto updated from de Windows store and today after windows may 2019 update lost my network shares and library.

How can i fix it?

On %appdata%/roaming/kodi seems to be all my user data, but for some reason kodi is not using it, it's like kodi studently went to the uwp version not the bridged one anymore
Ok, i think i got it, for some reason the store bridged version of kodi user data folder changed from %appdata%/roaming/kodi

To Local\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\LocalCache\Roaming\kodi

I've copied the folder and everything is back again

Everything but the viewed marks

Can someone take a look at this? And roll back to the roaming/kodi folder?

Thank you guys