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Full Version: Kodi with IPTV and DVB-S2 Tuner as source
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since a few days i´ve upgraded my system with a VU+ box and TV Mosaic with IPTV as second source.
Everything works like a charme except one thing: if i switch from a IPTV channel to a encrypted DVB-S channel, the first attempt in Kodi doesn´t work (Kodi seems to force a connection but after 15 seconds it falls back to my channel menu).
If i then force a second try to start this channel, everything works fine.
Maybe this is a "async-connect" thing which we also talked about since a few months and my "timeshift-problem" ( https://github.com/kodi-pvr/pvr.dvblink/issues/106 )?

I´ve created a Kodi-Log --> http://ix.io/1KlJ and a Server-Log:
tvmosaic-log-20190529-0829.zip (see in TV Mosaic Forum)

many thanks for some helpful hints
Maybe this one is related to my problems --> 16244 (PR)  ??