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Full Version: PVR addons not showing although installed
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Hi all, glad to join the forum.

Here is my situation
Peppermint 10
USB tunerĀ  RTL2832U plugged
tvheadend 4.2.8.-23 installed and configured
Kodi 18.2 installed
kodi-pvr-hts installed via apt

tvheadend works fine on the browser, stations are tuned, I can watch TV. Side note kaffeine also works fine with the tuner.

The problem.
Kodi will not load the add-on kodi-pvr-hts. Or any other pvr add-on for that matter. BTW same story on other distros like LinuxMint or Manjaro.

Any ideas how to fix that are highly appreciated. Tks in advance.
But weird.

It takes 1-2 minutes after starting kodi, for the add-on to become available.