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Full Version: Remote control issues
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OSX Mojave 10.14.5
Mac Mini
Kodi 18.2 (Git20190422-f2643566d0)

Updated to Leia a couple of days ago. All was working fine. Rebooted the Mac this morning, and now the up & down buttons on the Mac remote don't work. Went upstairs to another Mac mini that I haven't updated yet, and it works fine, so the issue isn't the remote control. 

Debug log is here: 
I started Kodi, gave it a minute, pressed up and down buttons 3 times each, no response. Used keyboard to quit Kodi.

So far have tried rebooting the Mac again, enabling & disabling the remote via System Preferences.

Any hints as to what to try would be appreciated!
OK so approximately 60 seconds after I posted, I installed Remote Buddy. It updated the Candelair driver as part of the install process. Haven't even configured Remote Buddy to do anything but it seems everything is fine again. Could be useful if anybody else has the same issue I guess!