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Full Version: BCT Community List Not Working
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Hey, so I'm new to PseudoTV Live and have been trying to figure out how to get the BCT's to work. I see a community list option for Bumpers and when enabled it does nothing. I dug through the addon files and opened ChannelList.py which holds the url it's looking for - "http://raw.github.com/PseudoTV/PseudoTV_Lists/master/bumpers.ini" which is a dead url. I can't find another host for what bumpers.ini was so I can create my own or configure the .ini lists found in the _old folder on the PseudoTV_Lists github. Is there a way to actually use the bumpers.json file found in that github? Cause it looks like it's not being used here. I'd rather not download every variation of bumper for all of the networks for my local drive, was really hoping to just use the YouTube playlists that are currently available. Anyone here had any luck streaming network bumpers by connecting to a community maintained list?