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Full Version: Pre-Release 3.0.1
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Version 3.0.1
x fixed Fanart.tv reading personal clientKey
x fixed Fanart.tv using TMDB id fallback
x fixed TvShow exporter naming pattern #525
x fixed TvShow renamer (Synology TvShow metadata overwriting videos) #527
x fixed scraping of episode cast with IMDB x fixed displaying of episode director/writers in the episode editor
x fixed downloading of season artwork #522
x removed VIDEO_TS/BDMV NFO styles (integrated these into the other two styles)
x updated JNA and libmediainfo
new build is out:

x do not print "Unknown" for empty media sources
x fixed artwork fetching with tvdb and removed bad thumb urls from the DB (you may need to re-write your NFO files)
x fixed occasional Java crashes on OSX
x fixed occasional error popup on start of tinyMediaManager
new build is out?  i loaded/closed the program a few times, and launched the updater a few times, no new updates.  still 3.0
Do you use the pre-release?