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Full Version: Kodi, XBox1 & WD NAS Problem
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I've just installed Kodi on the Xbox One and want to play files from my WD Mybook Live Duo NAS through my home network. Connected to the WDMB via usb is another external hard drive. The weird thing is when I try to locate my drives in Kodi, I can find the "attached" drive, but not the main WDMB drive. The main drive has my movies, the attached one has my music. So short story is I can play my songs but not my films!!
Just wondering if anyone has any experience with setting up Kodi and WD drives on the Xbox1?

Thanks in advance.
Just in case anyone finds the same problem - the solution was that Kodi for XBox1 now DOES have SMB capabilities, you do however have to go into the Add-ons and turn it on!
Thread marked solved.