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Full Version: [EMBER] - The Best Scraper for Animes
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I've always found it difficult to find a perfect Scraper to manage my Animes, I've tested all sorts of scrapers using the absolute sort order, but none of them met my need. They did not identify the episodes correctly by doing all the manual work, however I found a solution to this problem, being Ember manager + setting in REGEX, so the episode identification increased to 95% accuracy in the tests I performed (My tests were realized in the episodes of the one piece).

The remaining ones that were not identified correctly, is very easy to fix in Ember, with this my problem of identifying was solved.

Here's the REGEX I used:
[\._ \-]([0-9]{2,3})()([\._\ \-][^\\/]*)
[\\._ -]()e(?:p[ ._-]?)?([0-9]+(?Sad?:[a-i]|\.[1-9])(?![0-9]))?)([^\\\/]*)$


Exemple name episode:
..Anime\One Piece\[ShaKaw] One Piece 1-300\[ShaKaw]_One_Piece_300_[5A62C238].MKV
..Anime\One Piece\[ShaKaw] One Piece 1-300One_Piece_-_Ep_260_-_X264_[Shakaw][3D4F6D95].MP4
..Anime\One Piece\12 - Dressrosa[Kyoshiro Fansub] - One Piece - Episódio 629 [HDTV-720p.MKV
..Anime\One Piece\13 - Zou\OpEx_747_HD.MKV Image