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Full Version: Hide/Disable view options menu
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Hi everyone,

i am setting up a raspberry with kodi (Libreelec) for my brother who is suffering from autism. He needs an interface as simple as possible and I was able to do everything I wanted except hiding/disabling the view options menu (accessible by pressing up/left).

Is there a way to do it ? Maybe by editing the code ?

I know some other skins have a "kiosk mode" (which removes this menu) but I tried several of them and I find that Estuary is the cleanest and simplest skin of all.

Thank you for your help !

Do you want to hide the complete green section or only the red part of the green section?

In any way, you need to modify the skin as there's no setting for it
Thank you for your answer.

Sorry if I was not clear enough : I would like all the green section to be not accessible.
Unfortunately, I failed to find some code on the net for that purpose as I am not competent enough to do it by myself.
Found an easy way. Will post something later.
Have some time now
It depends on the view. The view at the screenshot above is the "List view" and the file in question which needs to be edited is "View_50_List.xml". If you choose to use another view, then you need to edit another file according to the view.

In any way, at this file there's a section where: <onleft>9000</onleft> is mentioned. This will cause to open the group "9000" (which is the media menu on the left side due to an "include") if you navigate to the left. By chaning that section to: <!-- onleft>9000</onleft --> you have commented that section out and Kodi doesn't know where to navigate if you press 'left'. So the side menu won't open anymore. That's generally a bit hacky as it is different from "disabling" or "hiding" the side menu. It's more that Kodi doesn't know what to do if you want to navigate to the left and therefor Kodi doesn't do anything and the side menu won't open.

That's the section at our codebase: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master...st.xml#L70

If you want to use the "poster" view as a standard, then this is the correct section: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/master...er.xml#L42

Be aware that you have to press "up" to open the sidemenu instead of pressing "left". Therefore you need to change that line to: <!-- onup>9000</onup -->

Important is, that you search for the group id at those "View.....xml"-files, which is "9000" and comment that section out.

By doing that you have to be aware, that you are not able to change the views anymore and are also not able to do other stuff which is located at this section. But, it's easy enough to revert that change, select a specific view and then "disable" that side menu again.

I hope that it helps. If you have problems by editing those files, please ping me and I could create a mod for you containing this little chainge which you could install via the "install from zip" option.
Thank you very much DaVu, I managed to edit the .xml (View_51_Poster.xml in my case) as you suggested and it's perfect !
While I was at it, I did the same thing for <ondown>5199</ondown> to remove the jump to a letter function which could be confusing too.

Once again, thank you for your help. Smile
My pleasure

Glad that it works