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Full Version: Mouse doesn't work???
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I've never used Kodi before, in fact until 20 minutes ago I'd never heard of it but it sounds good so I've just downloaded and installed Kodi version 18.3 on my iMac. When it launches, it launches full screen and says that my library is currently empty and has two buttons underneath the text saying "Enter files section" and "Remove this main menu item".

The thing is my mouse disappears as soon as I move my mouse anywhere near these buttons and so I cant click on them. Basically the mouse behaves very erratically and is unusable. In I place the mouse (small cursor visible on screen) over where it says "Your library is currently empty" it almost snaps to the menu column on the left (large cursor visible on screen) and I can access the first two menu items. If however I move my mouse down a bit or move too far left, the mouse cursor goes small again and I can't click on anything (none of the menu items highlight as I roll over them) and I have to move my mouse back to the middle of the screen and loop round to come down from the top of the menu again. But then the same thing happens again. As a result I can't do anything, I can't even exit it without doing a force quit.

I'm guessing this isn't normal behaviour Wink so am I doing something incredibly stupid or is this a bug?

My Mac is running OSX Mojave 10.14.5
FYI, XBMC earlier and Kodi nowadays wasn't designed to support a mouse as an input device.
It usually requires a (Tv) remote to navigate thru all of Kodi.

On a PC/Mac, Using a keyboard will get you thru the menus much faster.

There is a Quickstart guide on Kodi here : Quick_start_guide (wiki)
Ahh okay well that would make perfect sense. I'm actually primarily interested in using Kodi on a Raspberry Pi but wanted to see what it could do on my Mac before I ordered parts, so I would normally use a remote anyway. Just gotta find where I put my Apple remote now Wink