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Full Version: airplay audio visualisation
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I am streaming my music via airplay to kodi running on a rasp. (libreelec) connected to my TV. I was searching for an option to visualise the audio while playback. The only option I found was for the internal music player, (but I am not using it).

Is there a way to do so?

While I don't normally use it, I too can stream airplay via LE. I'll try to duplicate your issue tomorrow.
@andyyy, I am able to use airplay and display visualizations (only projectM is working).  You must still turn them on/off using the kodi player settings.
I'll try it out tomorrow. I haven't installed the addon projectM yet.
I didn't get projectM working. Is there an installation guide available? Thanks
@andyyy Did you DL and "enable" projectM through your Add On settings?
Interestingly I cannot even download the addon. I cannot find the music visualisation mentioned here: